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Department of Electronic Engineering & Institute of Computer and Communication Engineering
歡迎光臨 景文科技大學 電子工程系電腦與通訊碩士班
Professional Focus


The educational goal of our institution are concentrated on three major areas, namely, The radio Frequency (RF) Communication Technology Group, The Signal Processing and Systems Group, and The Information Technology Group.

 Technological group of the communication radio frequency

Fostering advanced technology and technological qualified personnel in a specific field of radio frequency of communication who has practice ability, it is strengthened by communication and design for setting out aerial, combined by communication and performance, aerial of products and EMI Quantity examines, radio frequency circuit design and application of communication technology, so as to enable graduate student to establish the basic theory, and to be engaged in research and development and design that the communication, aerial, radio frequency circuit and quantity examine, etc.


Technological group of the signal processing and system

Fostering advanced technology and signal dealing with and systematic qualified personnel in a specific field who has practice ability, it strengthens several signals to deal with and uses professional knowledge and designed capacity systematically, makes it have professional ability engaged in having something to do several audio-visual using and systems, computer auxiliary circuit design, communication system, several signal deal with ,research and development, network of application technology, etc. and design.

Technological group of the computer information

Fostering embedded systematic design and information security system technology with practice ability and developing talents. In the embedded systematic respect, it will strengthen the embedded systematic procedure and drive the ability to design program. Focusing on the protection, development of the system and technology of e-commerce security and designed capacity of relevant communication and network capital construction in information safety.


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