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Department of Electronic Engineering & Institute of Computer and Communication Engineering
歡迎光臨 景文科技大學 電子工程系電腦與通訊碩士班
Job Information

Job Classification for Graduates

It is related that it can't be cut apart that the life style of the human civilized society is close in the electronic technology development and now of electrical machinery, it represents a height of national project science and technology and combines ability, is symbolizing the indicator function of industry's technological strength. The island of Taiwan is limited to natural resources are deficient, emphasized in the past the industry advantage with cheap salary was also replaced for near developing countriesing gradually, make the competitiveness on the international market of like product of our country receive the serious challenge; The scheme that the government proposes revitalizing the economy is by helping the domestic industry to upgrade with higher speed, lead the industry to move towards high additional value, direction of Hi-Tech to invest money in developing, this makes demand in such advanced manpower as researching and developing, design, automation and preventing and curing pollution,etc. increase day by day. The output value of the electronic electrical machinery industry occupies the supreme proportion of the hair volume of national product at present, in country is it develop Taiwan towards intelligent direction of industry to make great efforts and while improving international community trade competitiveness hard, the demand for the high research manpower to the science and technology of the electrical machinery will be urgent day by day that we can predict the big whole environment.

As for economic and trade strength of Taiwan of now,the our country one note make the computers (output second not in the world, for whole world getting heavier most OEM producing area) , the peripheral industry of the computer and semiconductor industry occupy very important position in the world, leading status of the leading imports and exports of Taiwan of the electron industry. So, if this graduate of college division of department entered the information careers market of the electrical machinery, about 30,000 beginnig salary get up 35,000 to be about, share out bonus, ration shares system not to make annual pay their exceed other trade several often, for instance China large, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. or unite electricity,etc. company create rationed shares or record, December bonus of new peak repeatly in the past several years. Invest the semiconductor circle of science park to work and does not lack a million examples of annual pay especially as for the Master degree candidate of the electrical machinery, it is basic in its for beginnig salary to be the getting getting above more more 38,000 at least (dividend, ration shares not counting separately)

The graduate obtains employment in the direction:

Electrical machinery, relevant industries of electron. For instance: Electromechanical worker of electricity, automatic control, semiconductor industry, photoelectric communication, microwave communication, the tough body of wireless communication, wireless network, project of the network, power engineering, electromechanical project, system, computer system, computer perimeter, product are in charge of fitting the rule, educational academy etc.

Certificates qualification of the relevant speciality:

Electrical machinery technician, electrical engineering technician, electronic technician, electronic engineering technician, information technician, fire-fighting equipment teacher,etc.

Receive a training:

Such relevant research institutes as electrical machinery, electron, communication, photoelectricity, information, automaticallying control,etc.



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